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The Road  to a Professional Cheesemonger

Pasture . Animal . Farmer

Milk . Curd . Wheel

Maker . Monger . Community


Who We Are

Punk rock kid turned professional cheesemonger.


From land to animal to maker to monger I've found a collaborative community full of friendship, family, love and support.

My goal is to share with Livermore, and surrounding areas, the passion and joy I've cultivated in my cheese education. 

What We Do

Serve the community proudly

Provide a safe space to gather with one another, share laughs and good conversation

Offer the most amazing cheeses in an effort to help you discover your new favorites

Introduce charcuterie offerings from around the world

Represent Livermore Valley Wine Country, exclusively

Provide you delicious suds on tap and in the can

Educational experiences and opportunities to grow your knowledge.

Mind the rind

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